The "Laugh Out Loud!" Project

The "Laugh Out Loud!" project is a product of the cooperation of Gabriela Kövesiová and her students from the Gymnázium Štefana Moysesa, Moldava nad Bodvou, Slovakia and John Kokkinidis and his students from the General Lyceum Of Velvendo, Western Macedonia, Greece via the eTwinning community.

Our project is about jokes. The jokes are a way of expressing cultural characteristics of peoples, communities of people, age groups. The different way of expression is being strongly promoted through the anecdotes that each group participating has projected in this program. Also the use of different words-phrases used by each group has been highlighted. Our students have come into contact with other classmates from schools abroad, they got to know each other, exchanged ideas, opinions and information about their school and their daily lives, they have narrated and recorded anecdotes, chose the best of them, and created skits that have been edited visually and musically, to be presented and uploaded on the internet.

The goals of our project that have been materialized: Throughout our projects process our students had the opportunity to use a variety of ICT tools (Internet, Websites, Blogging, Social Networking, Video Editing-Audio-Subs). With a little help and guidance from their supervisors, they have learned how to work with the ICT tools needed for each phase of the project, and have developed their skills to another level. They also had the chance to communicate with their classmates and teachers from abroad, both within and beyond the school borders (in collaboration with a foreign school). They chatted via the eTwinning chat room, exchanged Facebook accounts and got to know each other and connect through the network. Further, experiential empirical-learning with simulations, role playing, narrative reconstructions, use of teaching aids and ICT have been promoted. Finally, our students took responsibility through the roles they chose, the presentation of their work, and the responsibility to cooperate with peers from other schools.

Feel free to surf around our website, read our jokes, view our videos, find out more about us and our project and enjoy the work of our students! Take some time and visit our "Laugh Out Loud!" Profile page and our "Laugh Out Loud!" Twinspace home page.

We thank the eTwinning community for giving us the opportunity to escape from our daily routines and narrow school boundaries, learn and create in a more pleasant and practical manner, communicate, have fun and share it with other people and the most important of all, for giving us the chance to "Laugh Out Loud!"